Cohort Expectations

  • Know and understand your School's Unified Improvement Plan

  • Upload your growth plan to your wiki page and add basic contact info to your page. Spice it up!

  • Throughout the year, upload to your wiki page evidence of how you are progressing towards meeting your 2 or 3 goals.
Examples might be:
  • backwards plans you've worked on with teachers,
  • students assessments you helped create,
  • sample student work,
  • photos of you co-teaching, etc.
  • examples of student collaborations
  • digital final products
  • agenda of a staff presentation you did

  • Participate in 8 hours of professional development (examples include but are not limited to: site visits, conference, webinars, explore social media related to your profession.)

  • Attend final 1/2 day celebration in May (date TBD) to celebrate successes and next steps.